Traffic Engineering agency management system

TEAMS – Automating, streamlining and supporting the functionality and increasing the efficiency of the Government’s Traffic Engineering Division by encouraging better coordination and administrative processes within departments

Traffic Engineering Agency Management System is a web-application that has been designed to streamline the internal support services of the traffic engineering division. This solution is a set of modular components designed to efficiently schedule, approve, assign, track, coordinate, and prioritize and follow-up activities. This provides a common portal and medium for sharing information across the engineering divisions as well as other government agencies. This has been created to reduce paper trails and replace manual processes with electronic transactions.


  • Electronically files issues and problems
  • Produces job requests resulting from issues and problems
  • Escalates issues/problems, requests work orders, and facilitates coordination among participants
  • Electronic tracking, escalation and execution of events including approval, scheduling, assignment, tracking, prioritizing, follow-up of Service requests, Trouble reports, Inspections, Projects.
  • Captures and catalogues information
TEAMS Features


  1. Transforms legacy systems to latest technologies

  2. Applies agency business rules across all channels

  3. Avoids data redundancy

  4. Reduces system maintenance

  5. Provides interfaces and support with 3rd party applications

  6. Facilitates data accessibility across all channels

  7. Intuitive user interface presentation

  1. Central database repository

  2. Enterprise-wide system and data accessibility/availability

  3. Enhances overall customer service and support


We, at RADgov, have designed our advanced traffic management system TEAMS to automate and consolidate manual traffic systems in order to eliminate redundant paper trails, by transforming and enhancing institutional policies and procedures with electronic capabilities. Streamlining the traffic division’s internal support services and improving exchange of information and data helps tightly integrate internal sub-divisions, enhancing communication and accountability aspects. This not only improves internal efficiencies including time and costs, but also provides capabilities and support to generate statistical and decision management reporting data on demand.