Testing – Ensuring that you are offered the best product that would not fail you; assuring you that we do our best to give you nothing less than the best

Embedded testing is checking the attributes of both software and hardware in an embedded system. Any software or application may be built paying attention to every detail of feasibility, security, reliability, performance etc. But to know if these objectives are fulfilled, full-fledged and effective tests need to be conducted to know if the product developed works in practicality as per requirement.


Observation of the software state to ensure compliance and conformance of requirements
Simulation based on need
Continuous updates based on test results
Comprehensive testing offers answers to all questions relating to compatibility, integration, validation etc.


  • Finds bugs in the software

  • Helps reduce organisational risks relating to operation and security

  • Cuts down development and maintenance costs

  • Improves performance

  • Once tested and resolved, defects are hard to reproduce


Our team conducts extensive testing processes to check the dependability of the software processes, to see that it meets all the quality assurance standards and formal specifications stated as required, to ensure that the programming is safe and the information is protected. Static verification techniques are also used in verifying and testing the strongly typed programming language as well as the other aspects of the system.