System Security


System Security – Creating smaller embedded systems, with increased functionalities without compromising on essential security offering.

Embedded system security is a strategic approach wherein the software running on embedded systems is protected from possible attack vectors. Such system security requires a start-to-end approach imbibed into the system during the design phase to address security issues. To prevent attacks on embedded systems, software developers should adopt, implement and update necessary security functions during early stages


Minimized use of programming language constructs to ensure safe programming
Information hiding and encapsulation followed for system design and implementation
End to end threat assessment
24 x 7 support from the security response team
Security by design


  • Protected information increases safety of data and systems from technological predators

  • Assured information and cyber security

  • Diagnostic risk assessment helps businesses build the exact line of security as required

  • Anti-tamper mechanisms control, encryption standards and such ensure avoidance of physical and malware threats.


Our team of specialists take the matter of technological security very seriously, and not only do they adopt necessary measures to ensure security at the designing stage, but also guide the clients even post implementation to update the firmware regularly, limit access to systems on a need basis, provide a way for network administrators to monitor connections and allow integration with third-party security management systems.