Server Management


Server Management – Secure, faster and cheaper fulfilment of all your server related needs

Server administration and management services normally entail monitoring of the server and apps running on the server. Most server management tools enable organisations to manage machines across a range of sites in an efficient manner. These services not only help in better handling of server related tasks and troubles, but also offer enhanced data security and ease of scalability.


Monitoring health of operating systems
OS troubleshooting, repair, installation, configuration and maintenance
Daily backup and backup restoration
Security configuration
Installation and maintenance of applications and softwares


  • Lets you stay focussed on your core business by relieving your server-related stress

  • Cost effective

  • 24×7 Support enhances productivity

  • Reduced labour cost

  • Reduced server downtime


We provide services for all commonly available operating systems such as Linux, Unix and Windows. Some common issues covered under our server management plans are- Monitoring the health and statistics of operating systems, their downtime response & system reboot; operating system troubleshooting, repair & patches; installation, setup, configuration & maintenance of mail servers; installation, setup, configuration & support for DNS servers, web servers and database servers; file management system; daily backup system and backup restorations; installation and maintenance of common utilities and applications and softwares; security related configurations; identifying and analysing critical system failure; and more.