Desktop Services


Desktop Services – Remote offering of operation and administration services and facilities at every employee’s desk

Desktop service providers, be it the internal team or outsourced, should be agile and efficient to be able to handle multiple queries and address issues raised by multiple systems/ employees simultaneously. It is also essential that the solution chosen addresses the unique needs of the respective organisation.


Remote provision of key operation and administration facilities to every employee
24 x 7 integrated support through online chat features, emailing and telephone
Provision of knowledge database of FAQs and solutions
Escalation procedure management feature
Service request management feature


  • Reduced additional hardware costs

  • Provides overview of the functioning of every employee, project and strategy

  • Enhances mobility of workforce

  • Enables easy scalability with performance

  • Increased security

  • Reduction in cost of maintenance of end user desktops


Under our Desktop Support Services, we remotely offer operation and administration services for desktop deployments and bring key service facilities to your employees’ desks. We tend to every small requirement of the client company through our technical support service features like offering 24 x 7 integrated support through online chat features, emailing and telephone; providing a knowledge database of FAQs and solutions for information and troubleshooting purposes; service request management; escalation procedure management through communication medium; and more.