Architecture & Design


Architecture & Design – Creating a technologically advanced, high performance and low cost future to suit your business needs

The designing of embedded systems is done for performance of specific tasks, and not for general-purpose computer tasks. This progress in computer technology led to better programming languages, improvement in software development methods, and effective quality management. Special development techniques may be used to ensure that the system is safe, secure and reliable.


Designs of different complexity levels on offer depending on the project requirement
Coordinating modules, instruction and data to avoid bottlenecks in performance
Prototyping and simulation on demand
Customized designing of product


  • Reduced size and cost of product

  • Increased reliability, speed and performance

  • Improved product quality

  • Optimization of available resources


RADgov understands that it is essential for the system development team to create an architecture for the system and design it in a way to ensure that the system is suitable to the client and fulfils the specific needs it is designed for, and our team of dedicated professionals put in their full effort to study and analyze the client requirements and design embedded systems that function aptly in the larger mechanical and electrical system.