Application Development


Application Development – Creating custom-made applications and software that mould well into your organisation's needs.

As opposed to the software made for masses, custom made softwares prove advantageous to organisations as it reduces the need to buy extra hardware, eliminates the need to change the business processes to suit the software, the development team is always available for quick and efficient resolution of queries and issues, the intellectual property right on a custom made software offers an advantage of easy upgradation and enhancement when the need arises in future.


Customization based on client resources
High performing
Feedback system
Efficient post-implementation support


  • Custom-creation eliminates need to change business procedures

  • Eliminates need to use multiple applications

  • Savings on hardware acquisition costs

  • Future upgradation and enhancement made easy with Intellectual Property Rights

  • Reduced external threats


We, at RADgov, design and develop custom-made applications for our clients based on their requirements and resources. We follow a consultative and collaborative approach while developing any custom application and put the application through an extensive quality assurance (QA) test so as to ensure that the final solution meets all business requirements; we also conduct user training and provide continuing post-implementation support so that the solution created successfully meets its purpose.