Direct Hire

Direct Hire

Direct Hire – Choose from the best set of talents through our Direct Hire Services…

As opposed to contract- hire staffing, direct hire staffing involves appointment of employees by an organisation on a permanent basis. While contract- hire staffing puts the recruits in the payroll of the hiring agency, the recruits under direct hire go directly into the client company’s payroll.


Professional contingency workforce management
Domestic & international recruitments
Customized contracts/engagements and hiring solutions
Access to a vast database of candidates


  1. Saves efforts and costs that go into the recruitment of temporary or contract workers.
  2. Permanent positions attract talents.
  3. Direct hire employees are more committed and loyal.
  4. Saves business time and resources.
  5. Helps fill hard to find, niche positions.


With a strong understanding of the labour market, deep rooted contacts in the market and immense dedication, our recruiting team is sure to find the most ideal candidates for you to hire. We utilize our resources and expertise to discover and line up the best of talents, new and old, who meet the exclusive demands of the client.