Contract Staffing

Contract Staffing

Contract Staffing – Hire only for as long as you want. Test the expertise of your employees on job and get rid of your apprehensions about direct hiring.

Contract staffing services are an important part of the human resource hiring process of several organisations. It helps businesses recruit the required talent for a specific span of time or project, especially when the business feels that such a resource may be redundant to the organisation after completion of a specific project or task.


Professional contingency workforce management
Domestic & international recruitments
Customized contracts/engagements and hiring solutions
Access to a vast database of candidates


  1. Cost advantage
  2. Compliance with statutory regulations
  3. Helps find the right fit
  4. Offers flexibility in staffing
  5. Creates availability of in-house HR staff for other tasks
  6. Access to a vast database of candidates


We act as a liaison between our client and prospective recruits, thereby helping businesses get their hands on the most suitable and cost-effective resources available. Our contract staffing solutions involve scouting and lining up short term employees for businesses to choose to suit their needs; handling all contractual requirements and formalities; offering a well-maintained repository of candidates for the perusal of the clients if need be; assessing the resource needs and providing efficient and productive candidates who fit the frame.