Traffic Engineering Agency Management System automates and streamlines the internal support sections of the traffic engineering division by encouraging better coordination and administrative..


The Damage Assessment Management System (DAMS) is a robust modular enterprise level application for the complete assessment, assignment, management and implementation of activities related to disaster events.


The “Advanced Traffic Management System” is a Geographic Information System (GIS) – based inventory application for the maintenance and operation of the traffic management system.


EPAMS automates and streamlines the internal support sections of the environmental protection agency by encouraging better coordination and administrative processes within departments. This will also reduce the paper trails and ..

Family Court System

Finding efficient ways to deliver services to the general public has always been the greatest challenge facing government institutions. Whether inquiring about how to file court proceedings, purchasing court forms to file petitions, obtaining a

Bids Management System

Government Bid Management System is a browser-based solution to completely automate the bid publishing, monitoring process on the web. This application is also designed to notify the vendors who sign on to receive bid notification automatically. The agency can publish..