Management consulting

RADgov offers a variety of Management Consulting Services to the government sector to both meet the needs of day-to-day operations and to collaborate with governmental clients on initiatives to stay ahead of the technology curve. Our consultants can help you assess your current IT infrastructure, identify e-government opportunities and plan for both immediate and future needs. They will work with governmental clients to develop both strategic and tactical plans that can act as a roadmap for implementing “aligned“governmental operations and IT solutions. Government sector clients are expected to be capable of bringing new capabilities and flexibilities to existing systems, and to leverage current investments into the future.

Governmental clients continue to aspire to become more effective and efficient managers and service providers. The importance of sound leadership/ management practices, cost effective operations and satisfied users reflects comparable expectations in the private sector.

RADgov’s Solutions

RADgov provides management and strategic consulting services to accomplish these expectations.

  • IT Project, Program and Portfolio Management
  • IT Performance Improvement Assessment and Management
  • IT Strategic and Tactical Planning
  • IT Operations Continuity and Security Solutions
RADgov’s Services
  • Business and internet Strategy
  • Provide roadmap to system planning, development, and implementation
    electronic commerce, training and support; and program management
  • Improving client’s performance and operational efficiency by providing technology tools, business methodologies and industry analyses
  • Methodology and expertise to exploit the capabilities of the Internet, garner the efficiencies of new technologies