Sl.No. State Contract No. Contract Title Agency Valid Till Logo
1 Federal 3075 Temporary Information Technology Staffing Northrop Grumman August 31, 2007  
2 Federal 4400232177 Temporary Information Technology Staffing Raytheon    
3 Federal   Supplier Master Services Agreement Unisys October 1, 2010  
4 Federal     A3 Information Services, LLC    
5 Federal     Cogent Solutions, Inc    
6 Federal   Staffing Services Subvendor Agreement American Red Cross    
7 AZ   Information Technology Professional Services City of Phoenix    
8 CA   Temporary Information Technology Staffing County of Santa Clara    
9 CA 4300004224 Temporary Information Technology Staffing County of Santa Clara June 30, 2016  
10 CA ITARC-91800-013-08/13 Information Technology consulting and Staffing Services County of Riverside August 1, 2013  
12 CA   Information Technology Consultants Spring-Fed pool CalPERS April 18, 2019  
13 CA   Temporary contract Administration Staffing Support Services Bench Los Angeles County Metro Transportation Authority    
15 CA   IT Staffing Services City of Carlsbad June 17, 2015  
16 DE 1440 Information Technology Service Provider Master Agreement 1440 Department of Transporation January 31, 2011  
17 DE   IT Project staffing Department of Technology and Information October 31, 2017  
18 FL ITB:11-0031 Professional Recruiting Services Citizens Board of Governors December 1, 2011  
19 FL 03-109/PR Staff Augmentation Services Palm Beach County January 31, 2009  
20 FL BDB99 Temporary Employment Services for the Materials Office Department of Transportation March,2014  
21 FL IFB 07-4810KK Manatee County Purchasing Manatee County Finance Department March,2007  
22 FL RFP 4803CD Information Technology IT Supplemental Staffing Hillborough County Public Schools July 25, 2009  
23 FL P-4-08-01 Computer Programming Services Brevard County    
25 FL RLI# 549005 IT Library of Professionsl Services Broward Sheriff’s Office September 30, 2010  
26 FL 973-561-06-1 IT Consulting Services Miami Dade County – ETSD June 20, 2009  
27 FL ABCW0700057 IT Consulting Services Miami Dade County – Aviation Department    
28 FL 098-DD04 Software Consultant Contract  Miami Dade County Public Schools October 17, 2007  
29 FL LU612 Software Programming Services State of Florida – DCF    
30 FL BDB99  Temporary Employment Services for the Materials Office Florida Department of Transportation    
31 FL 973-561-06-1 Information Technology IT Supplemental Staffing State of Florida    
32 FL RFP 07-47 Temporary Employment Services The School District of St. Lucie August 14, 2010  
33 FL RFP 2009-2262 Consulting Services As Needed Business Management Consulting Martin County Florida Aug,2012  
34 FL 2010-2318 As Needed IT Application Support Services Martin County Board of County Commissioners March,2013  
36 FL 9241-0/15 IT Consultant Services Pre qualification Miami Dade County June,2015  
37 FL 3044-0002-10342 Master Services Agreement Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Florida Inc. December 31, 2012  
38 FL 2011-0003 IT Support Services on as needed basis City of Pahokee Jan,2014  
40 HI PN-03-160-SW IT Professional Service Providers State of Hawaii    
41 KS 9030 Information Technology Services Department of Social & Rehabilitation Services March 31, 2009  
43 MA PRF24 Statewide Temporary Help Service State of Massachusetts July 12, 2007  
44 MA 2011-GA-05 Qualifications for IT Services Massachusetts Technology Collaborative    
45 MD JMI-605-06 Information Technology Contracted Staffing Services Baltimore County Public Schools July,2013  
46 MD JMI-626-08-013 Information Technology Contracted Staffing Services Baltimore County Public Schools September 7, 2013  
47 MN BIS Master Contract Information Technology Services City of Minneapolis June,2014  
48 MN Master Contract IT Professional Technical Master Contract State of Minnesota March 14, 2010  
49 MN Master Roster Master Roster for State IT-Professional/Technical Services State of Minesotta June 30, 2014  
51 MN 75037 IT Consulting and Support Services, SITE Program Department of Administration April 15, 2019  
52 MS RFP 3775 Mississippi Department of Information Technology Services State of Mississippi January 31, 2016  
53 MS 3618 Information Technology Services State of Mississippi Jan,2016  
54 MT SPB06-1263B Information Technology Services Department of Adminstration  June 30, 2013  
55 NC ITS-000748 Technical Services Office of Information Technology Services, State of North Carolina February 28, 2019  
56 NC ITS-002441-OE3 Short-Term IT Staffing Contract Office of Information Technology Services June 30, 2012  
57 ND 112-0506 IT Professional Services State of North Dakota June 30, 2008  
58 NE 18227- 04  .NET lead Programmer Analyst State of Nebraska May 21, 2009  
60 NJ 794 Information Technology Staffing Services Montclair State University  March 15, 2010  
61 NJ A72554 Computer Operators Office of Information Technology State of New Jersey  August 30, 2008  
62 NJ 05-X-36508 Temp Emolyment Svcs, Skilled & Unskilled Labor Department of Treasury June 30, 2010  
63 NJ 220193 Jail Management System, Licensing and Support for the Department of Corrections and Youth Services County of Monmouth July,2014  
64 NJ 14-006A Temporary Staffing Services Ramapo College of New Jersey  June 31, 2017  
65 NJ 00-000-00-00015 Statewide Price Agreement for PeopleSoft Services Ramapo College of New Jersey     
66 NV 60315813 Tier 1 Support For Computer Related Temporary Technical Or Professional Services Clark County June 30, 2015  
67 NY CMM-1406 Temporary Computer Professionals MTA – NYC Transit March 9, 2008  
68 NY IT02432-GS29 General Information Systems Consultants Long Island Rail Road June 30, 2005  
69 NY 06-03-013 Information Services Health and Hospital Corporation March 31, 2008  
70 NY CMM-1518Q Temporary Computer Professionals City Transit MTA December 31, 2010  
71 NY CMS038B Application Development NYS Office of Alcoholism & Substance Abuse December 31, 2007  
72 RI 68P00306752 Computer Technical Support, State of Rhode Island & Providence Plantations June 30, 2007  
75 TX DIR-SDD-732 Information Tehnology Staff Augmentation Texas Department of Information Resources August 31, 2009  
76 TX P09-055 Temporary Technical. Programming and Austin Independent School District Jan,2010  
78 TX   IT Service Providers Dallas Independent School district    
80 SC   Statewide Term Contract State of South Carolina
81 SC 4400001357 IT Temporary Staff Augmentation Services State of South Carolina August 24, 2014  
82 SC 88100986 Temporary IT Professional Positions Richland County School District November 25, 2013  
83 SC   Small Software Applications Development State of South Carolina    
85 SC   Temporary Employment Services Finance Department, County of Prince William
87 WA DP01113 IT Personal & Purchased SVCS Optional Use Department of Transportation    
90 WV ITECH10AG Temporary Computer Staffing & It Services Department of Administration, State of West Virginia
91 WV T09-MST-249 Information Technology Staffing Services Department of Information Services. June 30, 2013  
103 CA RFP8219  Temporary Technical Support Staff  Sacramento Area Sewer District  December 1, 2019  
127 MD K13-0050-25E MJUD Temporary Staffing Services  Maryland Judiciary Administrative Office of the Courts   July 30, 2016  
128 MO RFPL042413 Professionial Consulting Services  The University of Missouri August 30, 2018  
129 MD K14-0005-29 IT Support Services II Project  Administrative Office of the Courts  June 30, 2016  
130 GA RFP10-14 Technology Staffing Services Cobb County School District (CCSD) October 30, 2014  
131 CO RFQ23427 Professional Technical Staffing Services  Jefferson County School District R-1  March 30, 2016  
132 WA PS14-0295F IT Project Management Temporary Staffing Services  The City of Tacoma September 30, 2019  
133 AZ ADOT 15-082302 Temporary Staff Augmentation  ADOT14-00004283  Department of Transportation November 30, 2019  
135 CA RFQ-SSA-FY15-0275 Information Technology Temporary Staff  The County of Santa Clara, Social Service Agency June 30, 2016  
136 CA CC4614-DL  As Needed “IT Managed” Services  Santa Clara Valley Water District April 30, 2018  
138 NC RFP12-001100 Professional Technical Contract for Receivership Administration Services  Department of Insurance  May 30, 2018  
139 PA R15-05-J Information Technology Consulting Services Port Authority April 30, 2018  
140 VA RFP94  Temporary Personnel Services  Virginia Housing Development Authority  August 30, 2016  
141 TX CSP 15A-021 Temporary Employment Services for IT Professional  Alamo Colleges  August 30, 2016  
142 ID L16PX00036 Payrolling Services for Seed Warehouse Assistance - Sol: L16PS00018 Department of the Interior January 31, 2016  
143 WV 111336 Temporary IT Staffing Contract  State of West Virginia January 31, 2017  
144 NY 43861 Performance of Expert Professional Recruitment and Sourcing Research Services for Multiple Staffing Functions as Requested on a “CALL-IN” basis during 2016  The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey May 30, 2018  
145 WV CRFQ 0225 PEI1600000003 Programming Services for Onbase Integration  State of West Virginia
147 FL 1602JCSA Temporary Labor Services University of Central Florida   November 30, 2019  
148 UT W149589  Software Development and Design Services  University of Utah November 30, 2017  
149 AR 16-210 Professional Temporary Staffing Arkansas Tech University June 30, 2017  
150 CA 2016ISD1834 Master Services Agreements  County of San Mateo November 30, 2019  
151 DE 17SC-316 Information Technology Services  New Castle County November 30, 2017  
152 PA   Temporary Staffing Services Pittsburgh Water and Sewer Authority November 30, 2019  
155 CA C5607296-D Recruitment Services  Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation  June 30, 2019  
156 CO RFP-R-1855 IT Contract Technical Services  City of Aurora July 30, 2018  
157 KY P2491 Temporary Personnel & Direct Hire Placement Services Bid 18-02 Louisville Water Company July 30, 2018  
Sl.No. State Contract No. Contract Title Agency Valid Till Logo
1 Federal   Web Systems Staff Augmentation Sol# OAM14104S United States House of Representatives  
2 Federal FA4809-16-P-R001 SJAFPED office IT Technician Department of Air Force June,2021
3 AR CAI/MSP Temporary Worker Agreement State of Arkansas  July 30, 2021
4 AZ KnowledgeServices/MSP Temporary Worker Agreement State of Arizona  
5 AZ P18/9982L Information Technology Services and Consulting  Pima County Community College District July 30, 2023
6 CA 2391 Various- On call Computer Services Eastern Municipal Water District June 31, 2020
7 CA 5137002-079  Master Services Agreement for Information Technology (IT) Consulting Services Department of General Services May 24, 2021
8 CA F17-050 Professional & Technical IT Contracting Services City of Sunnyvale Feb,2022
9 CA F17-049 Temporary Personal Services for IT City of Sunnyvale
10 CA 0100-56265-07220 Progress Development Services Eastern Municipal Water District June,2020
11 CA 13-061-C1 Temporary IT Consulting Services Southern California Association of Governments  July 30, 2021
12 CA MSP IT Temporary Staffing Services State of California  
13 CO KnowledgeServices/MSP IT Temporary Staffing Services State of Colorado  
14 DE DTI-12202-ITSTFF_SVC Information Technology Staffing Project Staffing State of Delaware September 1, 2021  
15 FL   Technical Contract Staffing The School Board of Broward County September 30, 2020  
16 FL 973-561-010-1 State Term Contract IT Consulting Services State of Florida July,2021  
17 FL     Department of Environmental Protection    
18 FL MSP IT Temporary Staffing Services State of Florida    
19 FL RFQQ-17-08-COC  Professional Information Technology Services on an as-needed basis  City of Cocoa November 30, 2020  
20 FL RFP-603440-19/TLR IT Staffing and Contract Services for Information Technology Seminole County January 31, 2022  
21 GA CAI/MSP IT Temporary Staffing Services State of Georgia November 1, 2021  
22 IA CAI/MSP IT Temporary Staffing Services State of Iowa    
23 IL 22034078 IT Resources Multi-Step Sealed Bid  Illinois Central Management Services May 30, 2021  
24 KS 10713 Information Technology Services Master Contract State of Kansas  IDIQ  
25 KS EVT0006086 Information Technology Services   Department of Administration  January 31, 2024  
26 MD   IT Consulting and Technical Support Services Indefinite Delivery, Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) Solicitation# MDM0031036680  Maryland Health Benefit Exchange (MHBE)  July 30, 2021  
27 ME KnowledgeServices/MSP IT Temporary Staffing Services State of Maine    
28 MI CAI/MSP IT Temporary Staffing Services State of Michigan    
29 MN A144289 IT Consulting Services Hennepin County  Dec,2020  
30 MN     Hennepin County    
31 MO RFPB0003694 Supplemental Information Systems/Technology Support Services  St. Louis Community College July 30, 2021  
32 MO B0003830  IT RECRUITING SERVICES  St. Louis Community College August 31, 2020  
33 MS KnowledgeServices/MSP IT Temporary Staffing Services State of Mississippi    
34 NC CAI/MSP IT Temporary Staffing Services State of North Carolina    
35 NJ CAI/MSP IT Temporary Staffing Services State of New Jersey    
36 NY RFPIT0116-1501 Supplemental Staffing  Nassau County May 30, 2020  
37 OH KnowledgeServices/MSP IT Temporary Staffing Services State of Ohio    
38 OK   IT Staffing and Consulting Services University of Oklahoma June 30, 2020  
39 OR Covendis/MSP IT Temporary Staffing Services State of Oregon    
40 OR RFP2017.028P Information Technology Consulting Services & Technical Staff Augmentation Work   Washington County Government (ORCPP) August 30, 2022  
41 PA RFP#2011-QCC-LAV-17-Repost IT Consulting and Support Services Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education March,2014  
42 PA 1620155-06 IT Staff Augmentation City of Philadelphia May,2020  
43 PA     Commonwealth of Pennsylvania    
44 PA R19-04-D Temporary Technical and Temporary Clerical Support Services  Port Authority of Allgheny County  December 17, 2022  
45   Superior Workforce/MSP Temporary Worker Agreement L3 Technologies October 1, 2020  
46   353172 Outsourced Services Perspecta  July 30, 2021  
47 SC TAPFIN Temporary Worker Agreement State of South Carolina August 25, 2021  
48 UT KnowledgeServices/MSP IT Temporary Staffing Services State of Utah    
49 VA CAI/MSP IT Temporary Staffing Services State of Virginia    
50 WA PS17-0136F Utility Technology Portfolio Project Management Temporary Staffing Services  City of Tacoma  November 30, 2020  
51 WA PM-0000055958 CO14 PeopleSoft 9.2 HCM: Techno-functional Resource to complete Time & Labor Implementation  Community Transit November 30, 2020  
52 WA RFQQK6857 08215  ITPS Convenience - A Second Tier Solicitation Department of Enterprise Services  October 31, 2021  
53 WI 15-93275-901 IT Services State of Wisconsin October 1, 2021  
54 WI 1710 Temporary Employment Services Group 1 - Administrative, Group 2 - Accounting and Group 3 - Information Technologies, Inc. on an "as needed" basis Waukesha County April 30, 2022