The “Advanced Traffic Management System” is a Geographic Information System (GIS) – based inventory application for the maintenance and operation of the traffic management system.

The Advanced Traffic Management System automates and streamlines the internal processes of Traffic Engineering Division. The application supports sections of the Traffic Engineering Division by encouraging better coordination and administrative processes within the departments. Traffic Engineering Management Application is a browser-based system, which facilitates the process of filing work orders and related information online electronically. This product is a set of modular components designed to efficiently schedule, approve, assign, track, coordinate, prioritize, and follow-up activities. This provides a common portal and medium for sharing information across the engineering division as well as other government agencies.

The “ATMS” Enterprise Application for Traffic Management was designed and developed focusing on the aspects of integration and automation of various process regarding the Installation, Maintenance, Monitoring and tracking of the various traffic related devices which the division would use for traffic management purposes at the various Roads and Intersections within the county.

The Traffic Engineering Management Application is a browser-based system, which facilitates the process of filing work orders and related information online electronically. The technologies used in developing the application are ASP and VB, Crystal reports, .NET, SQL Server 2000.

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  • The Traffic Management Application electronically allows filing issues and resolving problems reported by external parties, consultants, citizens, etc. The produced job requests escalate through the event reporting, execution, schedule, assign, track coordinate and prioritization process.
  • The system also provides the ability to produce, coordinate, schedule and record activity, such as those that can be globally viewed by entire teams through the execution phases of the job requests.
    The system supports reporting in the form of a global delivery method, essentially through the distribution of reports from one central, and easy to access location.
  • The application automates management processes and allows for efficiency in addressing issues and concerns.
    The Automated Traffic Management System consolidates manual processes across business units, providing the capability of on demand support, generating statistical and decision management reporting, that improve efficiencies including time and costs.
  • The Automated Traffic Management System has the ability to capture real-time status of the devices, equipments and communications that are deployed at various locations throughout County.
  • The system has an inventory management section which provides the users with option to enter and manage the device and component details. Radiant worked closely with the traffic department to design the data and information capturing screens such that vast amount of details can be captured using a single screen for a specific device.
    This would include data regarding the device make, installation details, networking details, maintenance details etc. The location of the device which is also part of the data that need to be captured could be pulled from the GIS section and directly entered as X, Y coordinates.
  • The system consists of an integrated solution, which includes a GIS enabled section, which is seamlessly linked to the inventory management section using which the traffic dept can manage and track the traffic devices and components installed at the various intersections within the County.
  • The seamless integration between the GIS section and the inventory section in the ATMS gives the Traffic Division the facility to confirm the exact location of the device on the GIS MAP and check the details of the same device such the installation date, Installation details, Device make details, Maintenance details etc. in the inventory section in a just a click.
  • The GIS for ATMS application is so designed such that through a specific framework, the GIS section provides the working status of the installed devices and components on a real time basis.
  • The system also consists of a GIS MAP sections, which is web enabled and open to the public.
  • The system is access controlled based on end user roles which can be set by the administrator
    The system is built and deployed on Microsoft platform. The GIS section was designed and developed using ArcGIS 9.1Suite.
  • GIS enabled solution for pictorial and Map based references and information.
  • Save time using the automated work flow based on the optimized processes.
  • Seamless access to device data from GIS Map to Inventory information.
  • Elimination of data duplication and unnecessary paper documents.
  • Centralized data repository and access.
  • Reduce cost and increase staff efficiency
  • Built with a component based architecture, facilitates easy customization and minimizes implementation efforts
    Complete web-based, 24/7 access