Application Development

RADgov has the expertise and infrastructure to provide high quality, cost effective software solutions that caters to a number of IT needs that include the following:

RADgov’s Expertise
Software System Re-engineering

RADgov has successfully executed projects involving re-engineering of existing legacy application. RADgov has been involved in migrating legacy applications to the latest technology applications. We have also been involved in providing user manuals and other documentation.

Software Development and Management

RADgov is currently developing applications in both the legacy Mainframe and Client/Server areas, using proven project methodologies and tools. RADgov has the capability to take the project through complete life cycle across software languages and databases

Software Application and Product Maintenance

RADgov is currently executing many projects that involve maintenance of legacy applications. We have rich experience of maintaining legacy applications in the Financial and insurance sectors.

Data Warehousing and Mining

RADgov has the experience of developing components of data warehousing projects involving voluminous. RADgov also has the capability to maintain and enhance data warehousing application.

Internet/Intranet Technology

RADgov has many projects where development is done using Java, HTML etc. RADgov has recently launched

System Software and Database

RADgov has been working on System Software and very large databases on various platforms like UNIX, Windows, NT, OS/2 etc. RADgov has associations with companies like Sybase, Oracle Microsoft etc to spearhead its System Software and database solution capabilities