Family Court System

Finding efficient ways to deliver services to the general public has always been the greatest challenge facing government institutions. Whether inquiring about how to file court proceedings, purchasing court forms to file petitions, obtaining a restraining order, people demand less paperwork and quick results.

e-government application solutions are quickly being adopted by government institutions to provide a variety of services with ease of use and convenience to the general public with effective administration.

With the introduction of the Internet providing the ability to access information on demand from the privacy of your own domicile, these e-solutions have recently been endorsed and well received by the public domain.

Filing a case has always been a cumbersome formality by filling out repetitious information on multiple forms required by federal and state statutes.

e-case provides an effective solution by requesting case information on demand one time and then re-using the pertinent information throughout the court case filing process, reducing data redundancy.

The personal demographic information of a respective client is captured and catalogued for re-use at a future point in time.

The Court cases are recorded; catalogued and specific petition forms required for filing a case are generated with legible narrative printed conforming to state statute standards and formats.

In addition all court preceding activity is tracked, scheduled, monitored, and time logged according to the county courts judicial guidelines and procedures.

e-case application is a robust set of tools designed to efficiently file, monitor activity, analyze and track outcomes of court cases.

The system architecture is component based and can be separated by modules that facilitate the processing of separate court divisions specific requirements.

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  • File Court Petitions Electronically
  • Auto-Generate Printed Forms
  • Record & Categorize Court Services Rendered
  • Track & Follow-up Court Case Essentials
  • Identify Needs Associated to a Case
  • Schedule & Prioritize Court Services & Events
  • Reserve Court Hearing Appointments
  • Capture & Catalogue Client Demographic Information (enter once only)
  • Re-use Client Information
  • Sales & Purchase of Court Forms
  • Facilitate “do-it-yourself” Court Case Filing
Product Highlights
  • e-casemanagement has convenient options of either being an intra / extra / internet based application. The application is constructed with Model View Controler (MVC) architecture which accomodates quick and easy adaption of “look and feel” features of the presentation interface with limited effort.
  • Government officials and Departments can limit access to internal views as well as external views in a secured environment. Citizens can easily apply and fill out petitions online with limited assistance from court personnel.

The Broward County Family Court is in the process of product delivery and rollout of the e-case management for the following departments:

  • Injunctions Filing
  • Custody
  • ProSE Self-help Unit
  • Investigations
  • Mediatons
  • Psychology Referrals